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Market Update

ATO Hong Kong Reports

ATO Hong Kong reports on a range of issues in the Hong Kong food and beverage industries. While these reports are available for download at U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service's website, we have included several of these reports here for your reference. You need to have Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view these documents.

Title of Report Report Date
  Hong Kong - Hong Kong Toasts U.S. Wine and Spirits
November 2018
  Hong Kong - Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional
September 2018
  Hong Kong - Strong Results at Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018 for U.S. Wines
August 2018
  Hong Kong - Fresh Fruits Product Brief
August 2018
  Macau - Macau Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards Report
July 2018
  Macau - Retail Foods - Macau Food Retail Industry
July 2018
  Hong Kong - Hong Kong Food Retail Industry
June 2018
  Hong Kong - Hong Kong Wine Market Report
April 2018
  Hong Kong - Import Regulations on Alcoholic Drinks to Hong Kong and Macau
April 2018
  Hong Kong - Minimal Impact of New HK Chilean Seabass Legislation on U.S. Exports
March 2018
  Hong Kong - Amended ML of Metallic Contaminants Eases Burden for U.S. Exporters
January 2018
  Hong Kong - Major Food and Beverage Trade Shows in Hong Kong 2018
December 2017
  Hong Kong - Great Sales of U.S. Products at Hong Kong Trade Shows 2017
December 2017
  Hong Kong - Great Sales of U.S. Foods and Beverages at HK Wine and Dine Festival
December 2017
  Hong Kong - U.S. Exhibitors Nailed Great Results at Hong Kong Food Expo 2017
December 2017
  Hong Kong - High-Quality U.S. Cheeses Wowed Hong Kong Traders
December 2017
  Hong Kong - US Exhibitors Toast Great Results at HK Int'l Wine and Spirits Fair
December 2017
  Hong Kong - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative
December 2017
  Hong Kong - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Certification
December 2017
  Hong Kong - Agricultural Biotechnology Annual
November 2017
  Hong Kong - Exporter Guide
October 2017

FAS and USDA Reports

In addition to the above documents, FAS also prepares reports on agricultural trade policy, food safety, and other issues. These are available at various FAS websites, as outlined below. These websites are a source of valuable, free information to those involved with U.S. food products, whether they are food companies, government organizations, or consumers. Please feel free to browse these websites and give us your valuable comments so FAS can include information resources to you.

Commodities & Products

Trade Policy

Other Reports

    Last Modified: November 15, 2018    

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